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Your laundry area can be a source of indoor air quality hazards.  Chemical detergents and fabric softeners often cause allergic reactions in those who are sensitive.  The exhaust from the dryer is very humid and warm and needs to be sent straight outdoors so as not to build up in the laundry room itself.  It also carries an abundance of lint, which if not exhausted properly and cleaned regularly may become a fire hazard.

Here are some tips for a well-maintained dryer vent:

  • Dryer must be vented to the outside using material up to code with recommended material.  This must be one continuous piece, as seams will never be properly
  • Ensure the dryer is not vented into the attic space as this will compromise the integrity of the attic and cause mould growth.
  • A professional should clean the dryer vent at least every three years to prevent lint fires and dust build up.
  • Make sure the vent is not blocked by debris or snow on the outside of the house. 
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