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Eavestroughs are what keep water draining away from your house when rain, snow or melting ice comes off of your roof.

It is important to keep your eavestroughs free of debris as clean eavestroughs ensure prompt drainage and keep water away from the building's foundation and basement, which otherwise could lead to water penetration into your home.  

A build-up of debris in the eavestroughs can also damage your roof.  Damage happens mostly in winter due to freezing and thawing, so maintenance in the spring is crucial.  Ice can be heavy when in the troughs and can pull them away from the house, resulting in the troughs not doing their job, come the melting of the ice and snow.

If your eavestroughs are attached into the weeping tiles of your property and seem to be backing up, keep water away from the foundation by cutting the troughs out of the weepers and adding extenders onto the lawn or garden or digging up the yard and finding the blockage or broken tile causing the backup.

Eavestroughs work best if they are cleaned every spring and fall and be sure to reattach any loose sections.  Gutter protectors are also now available at a reasonable cost to ensure that they are never obstructed. 

For more information about maintaining your eavestroughs or property grading and drainage, call Home Heroes today!
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