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The grade of your property is the average level of proposed or finished ground adjoining a building at all the exterior walls.  Grading should allow for all surface water to run away from the house so not to create the possibility of entering the home via the windows or foundation.

Poor grading is either sloping towards the house or is completely flat, allowing puddling next to the foundation to occur, especially during times of high precipitation and thaw.  It can also allow for flooding to occur into basement window wells and the window frames connected to the foundation.   Since we know that foundation is not waterproof, having water sitting there constantly will eventually lead to penetration.  If you have a garden against the home and water regularly, digging up and adding a waterproof membrane between the foundation and the garden soil may help alleviate problems down the road. Moisture entering your basement leads to high humidity, possible rot, mould, foundation problems and in the end, poor indoor air quality.

In times of possible flood conditions, proper grading around your house can be very helpful to avoid your basement being flooded. 

If water is entering the basement, or it always seems too humid (over 55%) and there is no obvious leak, often improving the grading outdoors either yourself or by a professional may do the trick.
For more information on property grading or for a visual inspection of your home with indoor moisture readings, call Home Heroes today!
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