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Controlling the humidity in your home is the best thing you can do to avoid possible indoor air quality problems as moisture is the #1 enemy of the home.  Relative humidity is the calculation of the moisture content of your home at a particular temperature (how much water vapour the air can hold at that temperature) and warm air can hold more moisture than cool air.  If the air is saturated, the relative humidity is 100%. The recommended indoor relative humidity level is between 35-50% for comfort and safety.  Humidity comes from many sources such as ventilating with humid air from the outside as well as cooking, bathing and washing dishes and clothes.


A humid house may find over time that the structural integrity has been compromised due to rotting wood and mould growth.  Dampness around your home caused by humidity is actually a problem prior to the visual appearance and feeling of dampness.  Mould can be a very serious problem to your family’s health, short term and long term, as well as the structural aspect of your home. 

Moisture in the air also releases chemicals from synthetic fibers and household products around your house. Humidity can destroy items being stored improperly where the humidity is high (i.e. the basement) or create ideal conditions for the growth and reproduction of dust mites, which like mould, is an allergen that can trigger an allergic response or an asthma attack.
One way to control humidity is a dehumidifier in spring, summer and fall with your goal of keeping humidity levels between 35-50% all year long. Central air conditioning helps to regulate moisture in the air by keeping the air cooler but even then, special attention must be given to the areas of the home that are most affected by these activities (exhaust fans are still necessary in the washrooms and the kitchen). The best way to control the humidity in your home is control the common sources of humidity and ventilate properly. Keep a digital Hygrometer (available in most hardware stores) on each floor to monitor relative humidity levels year round.
For more information on humidity, or for a Comprehensive Air Quality Inspection of your home including moisture and humidity readings, call Home Heroes today!
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