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Windows, doors and skylights can account for 25% of a homes heat loss and poor quality windows can create condensation, which will lead to moisture problems.  Condensation on windows can rot windowsills, grow mould and damage the carpet and furnishings nearby, becoming a very costly repair in addition to replacing the windows themselves.  Vinyl, energy efficient windows are beneficial for keeping clean, avoiding the rot wood ones eventually experience and keep condensation and heating/cooling costs to a minimum. 

If your windows have condensation, it can be a sign of a few things.  High humidity levels in the home in comparison to outdoors can cause it, as can blinds and drapes being constantly closed, allowing for little airflow.  Replacement is not always necessary for windows that with condensation, sometimes the exterior seals can be repaired and sometimes keeping blinds and drapes partially open to allow for airflow will do the trick.  In very cold weather relative humidity may need to be less that 30% to prevent window condensation.
If your windows are experiencing condensation or growing what looks like mould, call Home Heroes today to test the mould and refer you to a window professional in your area to provide a best course of action!
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